~ An Hour With You~

Many dreams Iíve had in my life,
But none yet has come true,
But still I wait patiently,
For my dreams are overdo.

I do not dream for money,
Or fancy things in life,
My dreams are very simple,
And do not cause me strife.

I dream of visiting places,
And friends I have come to know,
I dream of seeing the angels,
God sent to me below.

I dream of seeing mountains,
That almost touches the sky,
I dream of bring happy,
Someday before I die.

I dream of the beauty of heaven,
That very soon I shall see,
I believe God has a Manson,
And a special home for me.

I dream of all the people,
That lives from shore to shore,
Will meet someday in heaven,
There never to depart no more.

I dream to, of my miracle someday,
That I know is waiting for me,
And I believe in Godís promise,
And I claim it at Calvary.

Ann Hart©
Nov 12, 2004


















This beautiful painting was painted in 1909


Music: "Sweet Gentle Dream"

Used With Permission
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