~ An Hour With You~
Many years have gone by,
Since the first time we met,
The love we treasure,
In permanence was set.

Youthful hearts kindled,
Were stirred with deep emotion,
Enlaced and held firm,
Steeped in love's sweet devotion.

Each morning "I Love You",
Was tenderly stated,
For the darkness to come,
We eagerly waited.

Being together brought happiness,
A random kiss or loving touch,
Bound the entwining of love closer,
It held us in its beloved clutch.

Years have quickly past,
We are now aged and grey,
Love still holds us,
As if it were yesterday.

Eyes speak, no words needed,
Our hearts are forever as one,
Love was the beginning,
It will last tho' life is done.

Gayle Davisİ
25 January 2007

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Music: "True Love Ways"

Sequenced By: Dan West
Used With Permission