~ An Hour With You~

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The trip we had never planned,
Yet here we are, sitting in the night
As we view the ocean so tranquil
And in your arms so snug and tight
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I marvel at the creation from the Father
The unique setting of the night
Gazing at the bright moon above
As it sits there so awesome and bright
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I think of all the days we missed
Simply viewing God's awesome design
The night, the trees, and water drifting by
The fragrant aroma of the air so fine.
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Yes, these He gave us, to view and glory in
That through these lovely scenes we view
We can dwell on His ever abiding presence
And once again our faith we may renew.
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As evening passes, and time draws near
Taking one look back, We slowly arise
We bid the lovely evening a goodnight
This lovely scene, caught by our eyes
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In slumber we dream of scenes never seen
Of lakes and valleys, and mountains so high
From here to there, and there to here
Creations from the Lord, in love, He did supply..
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Music: "Love Born"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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