~ An Hour With You~


Treasured morning love beams,
From you they glimmer in rays,
Sending sweet happiness,
To echo in my heart in waves.

You bring to me such jubilance,
Being near you creates delight,
Forever deep inside my heart,
Love kindles, emotions ignite.

I'm lonesome when you're away,
Rejoice upon your returning,
Cherish the image of you,
Without you my heart is yearning.

My life is an elated journey,
Filled with dreams that have come true,
You will always be my heart's delight,
Each day my love grows for you.

I greet the breaking of each dawn,
Embrace the coming twilight,
I bask in your attentiveness,
You make my world ever bright.

As long as I live I'll adore you,
You are the pulse of my heart,
Together we are enlaced in love,
Vows etched in eternity's chart.

Gayle Davisİ
01 February 2007


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Music: "Just For You"

Used With Permission

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