~ An Hour With You~

As I look beyond today's world
To see what the Lord would have me see
I see a place filled with love,
Peace and tranquility.

As I walk beside the ocean
With the white sand between my toes
I smell the exotic fragrances
More beautiful than a rose.

I hear symphonies in my ears
Sweet melodies and tones
I've never heard before
I feel a certain sadness, yet happiness,
That I feel to my very core.

I hear a gentle voice calling,
"Come closer so that you can hear,
Tell the people that I love them,
They'll understand when they reach this sphere."

"You are a messenger of my Love,
Please share it with all you know,
You are one of my chosen few,
Listen and I will teach you to grow."

"Be still and wait for my voice,
But write in great detail,
For I want the world to know
My hands bear the marks of the nail."

"I did this for them
So they would see
Their life has no meaning
Without the likes of me."

"Don't hesitate to spread my Word,
No matter how incompetent you may feel,
I will give you the language
As long as you spread my appeal."

"The world will come to an end,
And that's where I come in,
If you have chosen My way of life,
You will be one of those to win."

"You'll have a place in Heaven
Right with my Father and Me,
You'll feel love as never before
From all past, you'll be set free."

"If you love me, please don't wait.
I'm coming soon, this I promise,
I'll take all you believe and trust.
There will be no compromise."

"Time is short, so come to me now,
My Word will show you the Way.
Love as you've never loved before,
Because you may not have another day."

Delilah M. (Dede) Haas

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Music: "Beyond The Sunset"

Sequenced By : Frank (Grandpa) Schober
Used With Permission

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