~ An Hour With You~


There is a nip in the air
And incredible beauty every where
As I walk alone in the snow
Seeing dazzling beauty in the street below.

The snow fell through the night
Dressing all in a coat of ermine white
Creating a winter wonderland fresh and new
Waiting for me and you.

Gone is the traffic rush
And people rushing here and there
And in the stillness of the night a quiet hush.
I stop in awe at the beauty every where.

Walking along the street and avenue
I think about the incredible view
And know it has to be
The snow letting nothing mar the beauty I see.

As I walk through the falling snow
Memories come of walking arm in arm
With my love feeling safe from harm
On that night long ago.

I smile as I remember the wonder of love
That will always remain in my heart.
I smile as I walk in the falling snow this cold winter night
Knowing my love is safe at home beside the fireside bright.

Written by: Jane Ward Smith
November 13, 2005



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Music: "Eclipses of the Heart"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.