~ An Hour With You~ 


Walk In The Path Of An Angel

Walk in the path of an angel,
your heart will glow,
like the wings on her back,
and the tip of her halo.

All creatures that surround her,
will follow you through,
giving you guidance,
in all that you do,

Walk in the path of an angel,
let your mind feel free,
they will help you become,
anything you want to be,

They are all around us,
lifting spirits wherever they go,
sharing all of what they know,
they are casting a glow behind,
when you walk in their path,
letting your soul unwind,
making you want to laugh,

Walk in the path of angel,
she will become your friend,
she will guide through where you want to go,
and be there for you in the end.

©Christina U. Lowman

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Music: "Have Faith"
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