~ An Hour With You~



Too Near Yet So Far

As soon as I saw you I knew,
At least my heart can feel for me,
In between love’s rhythmic glow,
Always I knew you and I’d be.

Love's journey has been many years,
Here you are too near yet so far,
I look in your eyes and see us,
A twilight's glow and blazing star.

My heart skips a beat in deep breath,
A love affair lasts to go on,
I can't say you'll still come to me,
Too near yet so far has love gone.

Love’s journey has led us to here,
Again in secret a love fires,
If only I could feel your heart,
I would know you have my desires.

As soon as your eyes entered mine,
My heart touched upon a love’s worth,
Love's journey too near yet so far,
May lead us to feel our love birth.

Love's journey will keep us aglow,
Like the stars in the heavens shine,
Once again possibly love sees,
And I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

©Sondra McPherson
21 December 2005






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