~ An Hour With You~

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Missing You

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Listening to the music play,
My thoughts of you get in the way,
Missing you so very much
I'm longing for your gentle touch.

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All I need is you
I'm wanting so much to hold you.
I miss your arms wrapped around me tight
Baby I know this feeling is right.
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I close my eyes for a moment or two,
And dream of you the whole night through.
I'm wishing now that you were near,
Just not the same without you here.
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I need your lovin' can't you see?
I need your warmth surrounding me,
Cuz baby, when I'm by your side,
So many feelings I cannot hide.
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Your tender kiss I miss so much,
Still not the same without your touch.
Alone again without your love
So many things I'm dreaming of.
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I drift off to sleep, and dream of you,
I see myself holding you.
A special something I can't help but feel,
A love that's right, a love that's real.
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Carol Facer©
April 1987


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Music: "As Time Goes By"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.

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