~ An Hour With You~ 

The days come and go without you,
Dark and angry are my ways,
I donít see the light of day now,
Just goodbye beckons my days.

You blew through my life like a wind,
Abruptly you were taken,
To live on always yet leaving,
Just goodbye, just forsaken.

Without you is such a black rose,
Not much life, Iíve no only,
No heart to bloom a loveís beauty,
Just goodbye, itís so lonely.

Gloom and wretchedness consume me,
The rains soak of tears of cold,
Showers of lost hope down their song,
Just goodbye with screams I hold.

Without you here Iíve lost my way,
An anger waves ugly so,
The days brandish in black despair,
Just goodbye, why did you go?

©Sondra McPherson
26 December 2005

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Artwork © 2005 Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

Music: "Goodbye"
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