~ An Hour With You~


Age has come to live in the mind,
Creating a fog o'er memories of you,
Making it harder to grasp and hold,
The mental picture of a love held true.

I can sense the nearness of your body,
The lingering scent of your cologne,
Though it is faint in my mind now,
I try to hold on but you've gone.

I lay my head upon my pillow and mourn,
Crying for the faded memories of my mind,
I have been faithful in remembering you,
Revisiting the moments of dear love entwined.

Sobs continually rake my frail body,
I pray to remember you just once more,
Lord let the faded memories become clear,
Giving treasured moments with the one I adore.

Let this mind bring forth in vivid detail,
Small images cherished for so long,
Let me have this just once again Lord,
Bring unto my heart remembrance song.

Gayle Davisİ
31 December 2005




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