~ An Hour With You~

A Song Of Love

I reach out my hand to you, in prayer
Uttering deep secrets of my heart
I know you hear me... I know you are there
You understand these feelings, I Impart.

What would I do, If I didnít have you
My friend......The keeper of my soul
There at my beginning, and surely, my end
In all things...You have full control

I marvel at your Greatness, so Grand
I feel your presence, deep inside
You and your Word, forever will stand
I trust you through life...As you guide

Oh... how wonderful it is to rely
On your Mercy and your love
You knew me from the beginning
Watching me... From heaven above

In my heart I sing... Offering praise
You are my "Hope" to carry on
Sending comfort, through the days
From dusk, unto the break of dawn

You are my life, my breath and joy
An ever-present light unto my path
How many fiery darts...Did you destroy
While I was a target, of someoneís wrath

You protect me, oppressing my oppressors
You deliver me...day after day
I will cherish and adore you...Forevermore
My love of you "Jesus" will never fade away!

Judith Johnson Kypta©
Copyright 2006©






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September 2005
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Music: "Solitude"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission
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