~ An Hour With You~

A Prayer For Daddy

Not long ago I saw a child,
As tears ran down her cheeks.
Walking along just kicking rocks,
While deep in thought she seemed.

Why are your eyes so sad my child?
And why shed all those tears?
She said my Mommy and I,
We miss my dad; he may be gone for years.

I hear my mommy pray at night,
As she kneels beside her bed.
Praying God would keep my daddy safe,
And bring him home again.

I sometimes hear her crying,
In the middle of the night.
I know how much she misses him,
In this war that he must fight.

I always tell my mommy,
I pray for daddy too.
And please try not to cry so much,
For he’ll come home to you.

For Jesus heard your earnest prayer,
He also heard mine too.
For in His word He promised,
He’s always there for you.

Jesus never tells a story,
Like I might sometimes do.
He keeps His word in everything,
For He cares for me and you.

Someday He’ll wipe your tears away,
And all will be just fine.
For I know he’ll answer your prayers,
Just like He will answer mine.

Daddy’s chair is always empty,
When we sit down to eat.
We’re sad for we know not when or where,
My daddy he might be.

But I just keep on praying,
And waiting until he comes.
Then he can watch me as I grow,
And mommy won’t be a lone.

Faye Reyenga©
12 / 24 / 2005

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