~ An Hour With You~


A new thought of God came today,
Blessed us in such wonderful jubilation,
The cries of a newborn child,
Bringing forth a grand celebration.

Mama, Daddy, and big brother too,
Grannies and Grandpas full of excitement,
Uncles, aunts and cousins thus thrilled,
With this new thought of God's enhancement.

Gently into this world he came,
Blessed by the Father above,
Kissed by the angels upon departure,
Entered into a home filled with love.

Oh my, what a beautiful thought of God,
From head to foot in heavenly perfection,
Many prayers answered, thankfulness given,
A token of love showing God's reflection.

Cherish we shall this new thought of God,
Delivered upon soft angels wings,
In our hearts songs of praise ring out,
To our glorious heavenly King.

ęGayle Davis
07 January 2006


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Music: "Sweet Gentle Dream"
Jalal's Original Musical Compositions
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission