~ An Hour With You~

Your beauty is beyond compare,
A jewel so very rare.
Your love is so very tender,
To You I have surrendered.

You've loved me Oh so long,
It's been written in many a song.
You knew how to win my heart,
It was so from the start.

When I was young You came to me,
I was so blind and couldn't see,
How very much You cared for me.
But You refused to let me be.

You pursued me through the years,
There was times my heart would fear,
I'd search for You, then draw back,
As soon as the fear would get slack.

One day Your beauty I did see,
And I called out to you so lovingly.
You reached for me and pulled me in,
And I will never be the same again.

My Lord, so beautiful You are,
You are my shining star.
Your Love is more than life to me,
And in my heart You will forever be.


Psalms 90~17
And let the beauty of the
Lord our God be upon us

 Music: "Nothing Can Compare"©

By: Rick Founds and Elton Smith©
Used With Permission