~ An Hour With You~




Watching The Christmas Tree

She sits beside the Christmas Tree,
Sipping Hot Cocoa, thinking, wistfully
Of Christmases, from yesterdays,
Recalling all the familiar ways

To Celebrate this Holy Night.
Her mind, in rapture, takes flight
To the Christmas Program where she raised
Solo's, as Mary's part she played.

"Carol of the Bells" fills her mind,
She recalls school choir, sure to find
Teenage friendships, remembered again,
She hasn't heard from them since then.

First Married Christmas, she can recall
Traveling mountainous roads, with heavy snow fall,
To spend family time with Mom, it's true,
Best of all was just being there, with You.

The kids are most grown now, the youngest soon eight.
The years travel by at a furious rate.
Lord, grant me a few moments to
Relish the past,
Christmases, Birthday cakes, and Santa,
At last.

The soft lights twinkle on the Christmas Tree.
She prays for each member of her family.
The embers are dying, the fire is low.
This is my daughter's Christmas,
And I love her so !!!!









Music: "Merry Christmas Darling"

Performed By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission