~An Hour With You~

Freedom Is Not Free

Blood soaked ground,
Covered in green grass,
Lives for freedom,
Will this treasure last?

Mothers and father yearn,
The soldier, their beloved son,
Lives given for freedom,
Do we value that which they won?

Wives and children lost,
Without the ones, they love.
Gone eer for freedom.
Stars and stripes fly above.

Countries free because of you,
Freedom enjoyed at home,
Comrade freedom is not free,
True soldiers forever gone.

Would you forge forward in battle?
Would you pay the death toll?
Lives traded, freedom is not free,
Taps from the bugle roll.

Gayle Davis
April 9, 2004


Midi playing is Taps
Sequenced by Mr. James Huff
Used with permission

Thanks to Luke's Military Graphics