In my mind's eye I can see him yet,
Wipin' the sweat,
And holdin' on to the plow.
I learned from the start,
That if farmin' was an art,
My daddy sure knew how!

He tended the fields,
Producing the maximum yields.
Then, he gave the landowner half.
That's the way they would do.
Livestock was divided too,
Right down to a cow and her calf!

Daddy ruled our home with on iron hand,
Which was something I didn't understand,
And I still can't comprehend it all today.
But, to provide for us he wore his body out,
And without a doubt,
He must have loved us in his own way.

Back then "kids were to be seen and not heard!"
So, you had better not utter a sassy word,
Or you knew you would "get the belt!"
Yes, there were times when I sassed,
And the memories still last,
Of exactly how it felt!

With the assistance of the rod,
And a strong belief in God,
Daddy "kept me on the Straight and Narrow path!"
But, there came a day,
When I became old enough to stray,
And I subsequently suffered God's wrath!

However, when my days of roamin' were done,
This prodigal son,
Returned to the God of his dad!
And though I had wandered in sin,
God and Daddy took me in,
And treated me like I never had!

Daddy died in nineteen and eighty seven,
Thank God, he awaits me in Heaven,
In a mansion beside a golden street!
So, onward I trod,
Keeping my strong faith in God,
With the realization that one day we shall meet!

Robert F. Dotson 2007



Music: "Peace In The Heart"

Copyright By: Jalal Ali
Used With Permission
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