~An Hour With You~



As Sleeping Babies Dream

How fascinating and a blessing,
to watch an infant in tranquil sleep.
Do you ever ponder and envision,
the silent secret dreams they keep.

Are they being swept away beyond the clouds,
where only angels sing.
Or do they take flight and soar up high,
upon the eagles wing.

Do they swim among the mermaids,
in paradise oceans of blue.
Or do they play among the silvery stars,
with innocence so true.

Do they twirl and dance in a fairy land,
eyes sparkling and wearing an impish grin.
Or do they ride the magical unicorns,
with their excitement beaming from far with in.

Pure of heart and a precious sight,
and oh how so serene.
A glimpse of Heaven here on earth,
As Sleeping Babies Dream.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey

December 10, 2005

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Top image from Romance Book Covers

Flower tubes from Garden Delights


Music: "Angels Among Us"

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission



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