~ An Hour With You~

How well I know you're gone from my life,
And Oh I wonder how you are,
You're never from my heart that's weeping,
Your memory never fades far.

How I still long to see us as one,
And visualize us joined anew,
Can you imagine the love I feel,
Gone from my life but still in view.

Sometimes I see you holding me close,
And pray you never leave my heart,
How it yearns with my sweet love for you,
Why did you leave, tear us apart.

All these feelings are overwhelming,
There isnít a day that goes by,
Can you conceive of my fantasy,
How Iíve waited and now I cry.

You may be gone from my life always,
But your memory never fades,
For in my world of illusion I,
Turn away from all that dissuades.

So you see my love you may be gone,
From my life but in heart and mind,
One day you and I'll be one I know,
And Yes each other we will find.

©Sondra McPherson
August 29, 2004





Music: "Power of Love"Celine Dion
By: Bill Basham
Permission Granted